Patricia Aaron

Patricia Aaron is an internationally exhibiting artist best known for her well-recognized intuitive abstract approach and gestural mark making techniques. Aaron offers paintings on custom birch panels, linen canvas and archival papers. In the studio she combines refined beeswax, pigments and damar resin which are heated together and then applied in layers in combination with oil stick and mixed media. To date Aaron has had over 40 solo shows with participation in multiple invitational group exhibitions.

Recent additions to Aaron’s oeuvre include suspended and wall-mounted sculptures fabricated with hand stitched and machine sewn collected fabrics and threads. These can be viewed as sculptural responses to her paintings. Aaron’s work fuses the power of the natural world with a deep investigation of urban culture and is often embedded with rich narrative.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Aaron studied art overseas in London, Paris, and Augsburg receiving her undergraduate degree from University of Maryland Heidelberg, Germany. Aaron received her MFA at Denver University School of Art and Art History, Denver, CO.

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