Shima Shanti

Shima Shanti, inspired by Spirit and nature, paints with beeswax and fire, the ancient art form called Encaustic. Her impressionistic paintings of water in motion are inspired by the natural elements. She juxtaposes bold texture that is rough-yet-refined with a sublime neutral tone and hue that appear to span spiritual dimensions. Creating a depth of luminosity that draws the viewer beneath the surface creates the feeling of being in this world but not of it, the feeling of unifying oneness of Peace. Shima’s work appears ethereal nonetheless firmly grounded. This along with her unyielding acceptance of the imperfect is reflected in her work.

Click to view Shima’s Collection, Water in Motion

Click to view Shima’s Collection, A Clearing for Science

Click to view Shima’s Collection, Homage to Diebenkorn

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