Edward Curtis Legends

Through the lens of Edward Curtis and his early 1900s sepia-toned photography the Spirit of Native America is revealed. Present day visionary Roger Pike–fervent to preserve the Native culture–commissioned Romanian artist Geanina Cantemir to paint the original Curtis’ works oil on canvas. Pike then gifted Shima Shanti the use of Curtis’ and Cantemir’s artworks for her Encaustic expression further deepening the Spiritual awareness of Mother Gaia, Nature, and America’s First Nation. One upon the other–above and below–Oneness is revealed. Similar to life–every layer of beeswax and each moment in time are fused with our past and present creating life’s journey. Shima’s encaustic works illuminate the Spiritual Native world and open a doorway to Light and understanding.

Layers of organic beeswax were painted and fused with heat; scraped, textured, and polished, then hand-colored with pastel and embellished with found Raven feather, vintage glass beads and copper leaf. The finished work was mounted on 12 inch x 12 inch vintage wood.

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