On the Side of Angels

Something about white. Pure. Simple. Immaculate. Pristine. White—a color that is all and nothing. Working with the subtleties of white brings me to the “Side of Angels.”

The hand-selected Haitian metalcraft created from discarded oil drums was embedded into layers of painted beeswax imprinted with vintage wood block designs then embellished with pigment. The finished work was mounted on vintage and weathered-patina wood.

Cultural boundaries dissolve in creative expression. “On the Side of Angels” honors cultural and artistic expression, the sacred resonance of bees, and all Spiritual dimensions.

You can select Dove, Cross, or Heart icon.

You can choose two sizes: 6″x6″ artwork mounted on 10″x10″ vintage wood or 8″x8″ artwork mounted on 12″x12″ vintage wood. Each artwork is signed and dated by the Artist certified an original encaustic assemblage by Shima Shanti.

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